.travel on the Road ETOA and WTM with New Tools

.travel on the Road Again….

To ETOA and WTM with New Tools

With only one month and counting to ETOA and WTM in London, the shipping and final planning are taking place, but the final packing will be a bit different than past years. For those of you that have ordered another cell phone capable in the U.K. or carried laptops to keep connected at WTM, this year it is different -you have another option. That is why the entire .travel team will be traveling with iPhones. Handy and much lighter than a laptop to walk the immense halls of ExCel or riding on the Tube, the .travel team will stay connected, organized, and in touch with this pocket-sized computer with so many cool tools.

In fact, the .travel team stumbled upon a newly launched iPhone site called Designed as a travel manager that fits all in the palm of one’s hand, can incorporate all of one’s reservations for a trip into a single itinerary page. The time to say goodbye to all of the printed confirmation emails is now. and its additional tools: currency convertor, trip journals, photo gallery, and travel deal alerts, make traveling easier. Check it out at

Let us know what other tools you are using to make traveling easier…and see you at ETOA/WTM next month.

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