.travel’s Top 10 of the World’s Best Airports

.travel’s Top 10 of the World’s Best Airports

With summer travels at full speed, the .travel team put together a list of the top 10 airports in the world that we feel .travel users and followers could find useful. If you have the chance to check any of these airports out, you are in for a treat as they are packed with extras and goodies that any person can appreciate.

10. Amsterdam Schiphol – For many years, Amsterdam was Europe’s top airport as it has many amenities that passengers enjoy. With one terminal and many connecting points, it is very user friendly and ranks high in customer satisfaction. With a full casino and the best “duty free” shopping in Europe, Amsterdam Schiphol will surely keep you occupied!

9. Sydney International – Made over for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, this airport is the best in Australia and among the best in the world. With friendly Aussie service and a great “duty free” liquor policy, your stay at this airport will be one you will not forget.

8. Dubai International – The best and nicest airport in the Middle East, Dubai is packed with glitz and glamour, from Rolex watch clocks on the walls, to $20,000 diamond encrusted cell phones for sale. Always under construction to improve its amenities, it has an endless sea of escalators along with shopping that you would not expect from an airport.

7. Cape Town, South Africa – One of the more modern airports Cape Town features straightforward amenities that are very pleasing to passengers. With a medical clinic, religious areas, shopping centers, and lounges this airport can suit your every need!

6. Zurich, Switzerland – This airport has something for everyone. From VIP lounge service, hotel day and night rooms, nursery service, and shopping galore this airport is very soothing and has been ranked among the best in Europe for years.

5. Kansai, Japan – Built in 1994 on its own man made island and serving over 18 million passengers a year, Kansai is a centerpiece of Japanese design. The services at this airport are never ending, from pet hotels, dental offices, shopping, and meeting rooms.

4. Munich, Germany – If you are looking for a relaxing airport experience, Munich is where you will find it. With several awesome features including a miniature golf course, cinema, cosmetic services, and behind the scenes tours, Munich is definitely a world favorite.

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Since opening in 1998, Kuala Lumpur has received many awards. With free wireless internet, luxury shopping and reflexology and massage services there is something you will enjoy. Also this airport is among the best in the world in promptness and it is rare a flight is ever delayed.

2. Seoul Incheon, South Korea – Another Asian airport, Seoul features a 72 hole golf course! With a nursery, on site shopping, business centers, hotel services, massage and shower parlors, Seoul has it all. From its start in 2001, this has been among the top and most advanced airports in the world.

1. Hong Kong International – The top ranked airport in the world for seven years running, Hong Kong leaves no questions about why it has won the award. Easy to navigate and filled with friendly amenities, the airport is only a short ride from the city. International eateries fill up the food service areas and pay to enter lounges line the gates. A beautiful site, this airport will continue to be # 1 for years to come!

Do you feel like we left off your favorite airport? Let us know, please submit your comments on your favorite airport and why!

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