.travel’s Top Ten Places in the World

.travel’s Top Ten Places in the World

The .travel team has put together a list of the Top 10 places in the world based on the team’s vast travel experiences. If you feel we have left your favorite out, let us know and we will put together a .travel Top 10 fan list!

10. San Francisco, California – a beautiful city with many wide ranging activities and

attractions, San Fran is a classic American memory. From sporting events to 5 star cuisine to historical venues such as Alcatraz prison, you find everything in this marvel. The unique architecture is like no other city in the world. If you would like more information on San Francisco, please visit

9. Berlin, Germany – This beautiful city is a staple of European heritage. With the classic building structures of downtown Berlin and the Olympic Stadium, home to the 1936 Olympics, Berlin is history standing still. With superb shopping districts and one of the largest convention centers in the world, this city is sure to keep attracting visitors for years to come. Berlin we will be back. See you at the 2009 ITB conference!!

8. South Florida – From West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale to South Beach to the Keys, South Florida has it all! Home to the .travel team and featuring miles and miles of beautiful beaches, great shopping, casinos, excellent nightlife, and much more, it is one of the top vacation destinations in the world.

7. Costa Rica – Costa Rica offers some of the finest beaches, travel adventures, cultures, and vacations in the world. Among the world leaders in eco tourism and sustainable tourism, it retains its beauty while making a positive impression on the environment. Bordering the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, you could be swimming in the Atlantic only to be whale watching a few hours later in the Pacific. It is quite the sight! Costa Rica is one of the .travel team’s favorite destinations! That is why we are so excited that EXPOTUR, one of the largest travel expositions in Latin America, will be naming its event for 2009.

6. Beijing, China – Home to the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing is an immense cultural center. Featuring thousands of beautiful gardens, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China, Beijing is a city to behold. With art districts and historical buildings that are among the oldest in the world, Beijing is a must for any history buff. Also a bonus is the very low crime rate!

5. Paris, France – Another stop on the .travel convention tour is this beautiful city. The City of Lights as it is known, never stops shining. From the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triumphe the backdrop of this city is amazing. Known as the world’s leader in fashion and shopping, Paris definitely holds up its end in serving the world as a major hub for fashion and design. For some pictures of Paris, click here…

4. Fiji, South Pacific – Home to the “friendliest people on earth” Fiji is a beautiful destination that will leave you wish a lasting impression of beauty and relaxation. The crossroads of the Pacific will not leave you disappointed! Made up of over 300 islands, this is a one of a kind place! If you would like to know more about Fiji and the South Pacific, please visit

3. Dubai, UAE – Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world with never-ending construction and new developments being made daily. Essentially a desert town on the water, they have transformed Dubai into a place where you can now go skiing anytime of the year! With some of the tallest buildings in the world, and the greatest amenities you can buy, Dubai is the place for extravagance.

2. Cancun, Mexico – Featuring Mexico’s finest beaches, Cancun has long been the world’s # 1 spring break destination. It surely deserves that ranking with miles of white sandy beaches that are among the nicest in the world and many fine restaurants and bars nearby. Fore more information on Cancun, visit

1. New York – New York has long been the #1 spot in the world for tourism travel! With everything you can possibly dream of, “the city that never sleeps” certainly lives up to its name. From sporting events to Broadway shows, New York certainly has something to quench your need for entertainment.

Let us know if we have left off your favorites by commenting to this post!

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