Where You Can Be One With the Sky and Earth



Uno, Cabañas Entre Cielo y Tierra launched its new business with in July 2008. Translated to English as One, Cabins Between the Sky and Earth, is a unique lodging possibility for those travelers that seek an experience of new heights….2,300 meters to be exact in Ampimpa, Tucumán, Argentina

Amongst the high peaks of Tucumán,’s cabins are part of a natural balcony to view the two valleys below during the day and at night true sky. The sheer height of Tucumán allows one to see the stars like very few places in the rest of Argentina and all year round, which is rare.

With the ever growing Internet market, Uno adopted .travel to give it an edge above other existing sites. Not only was being found important, but also it was essential to provide a level of security for its international travelers searching and booking travel on-line. In competition with millions of other websites, .travel distinguishes Uno as a secure, global travel provider.


We chose to launch our new business with .travel to show our commitment to our travel company and its innovative and differentiated services,” said Uno’s owner, Julian Campe, “Our main goal is to provide international services and .travel provides us with something that is 100% international, not like other country code domain names or as generic as another .com.”

Uno and are just beginning their marketing efforts, but .travel is a part of the brand on all promotional material whether on-line or off. With its philosophy, Uno aims to continue to change and enhance its services to provide something that other local providers cannot. For more information on Uno and its accommodations, please visit

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