Who ever said, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?”

Who ever said, “What happens in

Vegas, Stays in Vegas?”

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Earlier this month, the .travel team had the opportunity to join industry leaders for Travel Weekly’s Leadership Forum. The prestigious event was held at the MGM Grand in no other than Las Vegas.

In a city world famous for nightlife, neon lights, and endless entertainment, Travel Weekly organized a star-studded array of industry experts with cutting edge information on travel trends, niche marketing, and how to survive and thrive in these economic times.

The event was moderated and led by Arnie Weissmann, Editor-in-Chief of Travel Weekly, and Bob Sullivan, VP and Publisher of Travel Weekly. The list of esteemed speakers included: Peter C. Yesawich, Chairman & CEO of the Ypartnership, Art Jimenez, Senior Director of Leisure Sales at LVCVA, Gene Quinn, Chairman of PhocusWright, Tom Roth, President of Community Marketing, Inc., Raphael Bemporad and Mitch Baranowski, Co-founders of BBMG, Bruce Bommarito, Executive VP & COO of TIA, and many others.

Also, our featured New Faces in .travel article was….

The British Columbia experience gets Exposure to the world

Exposure is a new adventure travel company that is designed to cater to the adventurous wealthy elite. The company was founded in September 2007 by two passionate travelers, Nick Gudewill and Cory Matheson. Launching their website – – in January 2008, Exposure’s founders realized that there was a great need for a tour operator that left lasting impressions on its travelers while making only a limited environmental impact. Their vision was to bring everything that British Columbia has to offer to the rest of the world. “We wanted to convey that we are a travel and touring company without having to specifically say that in our company name. Having a .travel domain solved this problem for us as it clearly says we are travel, but allows us to build our brand name simply as Exposure. We like the word ‘Exposure’ because our tours are exactly that,” said Mr. Gudewill.

When it comes to marketing its site, is ahead of the curve. In addition to prominently displaying its .travel name on all of their newspaper editorials, outdoor signage, and all company apparel, it will also be featured in a TV series called “Word Travels,” which broadcasts on OLN in Canada and the National Geographic Adventure channel worldwide. Currently in production, the episode is scheduled to run in early 2009.

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