Participation by Industry Associations

Which travel trade associations are participating?

The industry-wide initiative is supported by 140 travel trade associations from 9 industry sectors and 73 countries. The most up-to-date list can be found at

Who does my authentication if I belong to more than one travel association?

We understand that some travel companies are members of several travel associations. However, each .travel registrant that has multiple memberships has the choice through which association they ultimately register. Registrants provide their eligibility data first to their associations, enabling their own associations to authenticate their eligibility and provide that authentication to Tralliance in readiness for the member’s name selection.

How do I register if I don’t belong to an association or if my association is not an Authentication Provider?

The Tralliance Authentication Provider (TRAP) is available to handle authentication of any party that wishes to have them handle their authentication. Visit for complete instructions.