.travel Benefits for the Industry and Consumers

How does the travel industry benefit from this development?

Businesses that register .travel domain names are instantly seen by consumers as recognized travel businesses with regard to conducting e-commerce transactions. This serves the industry as well, since .travel enables the trade to confidently conduct business with other .travel domain name holders that they may not know.

.travel registrants also benefit from Tralliance Corporation’s travel search engine and portal,, which enables consumers to search the web for valid travel information.

The .travel TLD, and are means to increase revenues for all registrants across the full spectrum of travel providers and purveyors, through efficiently matching buyers and sellers.

How do consumers benefit .travel?

Consumers know that the operators of .travel web sites have met published standards as significant participants in the travel industry. Thus, consumers will immediately recognize a .travel domain name as an ‘authentic’, validated travel and tourism entity and, therefore, have greater confidence purchasing travel over the Internet through .travel web sites.

My company currently has a “.com” name; why should I change to .travel?

Unlike “.com”, “.org”, “” or the other top-level domains available on the Internet today, .travel is an industry-restricted top-level domain which ensures that all .travel web sites are held only by legitimate travel participants.

Finally, getting a .travel name does not mean that you need to give up any other domain names you may have nor does it require you to build a new website. You can continue to use your other domain names and your existing websites. You need to however point your .travel URL address to the website you want it to resolve to and over time as you rework or redo your existing website you will likely want to migrate it to your .travel address but this is not required to get the benefits of the .travel domain.

What are some of the value-added services offered by Tralliance?

  • A travel-specific search engine and portal, which is organized around destinations and travel categories with rich destination information and maps.
  • A “Who is” directory,, providing information about who owns a domain name e.g., who is Tralliance?