**Important Policy Announcement**

Dated November 19-The Travel Partnership Corporation has approved important new policy changes that will release Industry Names now on reserve as well as add a new sector to the group of eligible travel industry sectors and
provide Tralliance with the discretion to refund registrants whose name(s) have been revoked. Tralliance has also approved changes to the Names Use Policy that will extend the time available to demonstrate use of the domain names that you register.
You may provide your comments here. The amended Registry Policies document, including these new policy changes is found here. These policies will go into effect on December 19 after a 30-day comment period.

New Announcement:


November 19, 2008-The following are several policy changes that were approved by the Board of Directors of The Travel Partnership Corporation on November 10, 2008.

The amended Registry Policies document, including these new policy changes is found here.

You may post your comments concerning these policy changes here.

These policies will take effect on December 19, 2008.

Industry Participation

Policy 1.1 of the Registry Policies, will be amended by adding an industry sector, listing the following new eligible sector: “21. Suppliers of goods or services to the eligible industry participants set out in these defined sectors.”

Name Use Policy

NAME USE-The Registry has defined a use policy pursuant to the discretion granted to it by TTPC. Effective December 19, 2008, each domain name must, within 12 months following the date of registration, and thereafter throughout the term of the domain name, be used as the domain name for a website displaying travel content relevant to the domain name, or in such other manner (such as email) that the Registry may approve after review. Domain names used as contemplated above may resolve directly to the relevant website or be forwarded or redirected to another domain name displaying travel content relevant to the domain name. This policy extends the time set out in the prior Name Use policy which was made effective December 21, 2007, and will be applied to registrants that were subject to that Name Use policy. The .travel Registry will, from time to time, conduct continuing or recurring audits of domain names registered on or after December 21, 2007 to ensure continued compliance with these requirements. Failure to comply will result in a notice providing 60-days to comply. Non-compliance following such a notice period may result in revocation of the relevant domain name, at the discretion of the Registry.

New Authentication Procedures

Sections 3.3 of the Registry Policies provides the Registry the discretion to develop authentication procedures that allow for authentication either prior to or after registration of a domain name.

Effective December 19, 2008 the Registry will permit registration of an available domain name immediately upon completion of an authentication data submission. Authentication reviews may, therefore, occur following domain name registration and where a registrant is found to be ineligible subsequent to registration of a domain name(s) their registration fee will be refunded.

Industry Names Reserved List

Section 2.3.5 of the Registry Policies will be amended to release all Industry Names and to permit the Registry, in its discretion from time to time, to either register any names found on the Industry Names reserved list in its own name and use such name registrations or to offer such Industry Names for general registration.

The list of Industry Names that will be released can be found here.

Refund on Revocation

Section 3.1 of the Registry Policies will be amended to provide that the Registry may, in its discretion, provide refunds to registrars in the event of a revocation of a domain name revoked as a result of ineligibility.

ICANN-Tralliance Agreement

TTPC Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of The Travel Partnership Corporation was held in conjunction with ITB Berlin 2005. Please see below documents from the meeting.