What is .travel?

.travel is an Internet extension similar to .com, .org, .net, but is specifically for the travel industry.  Used by travel companies and organizations such as:,, and and over 200,000 others, .travel is part of the Internet’s evolution towards a more organized information source with category specific extensions such as .travel, .gov, .edu, and many more.

Why should you register your .travel name(s)?

With your .travel name(s), you and your business receive these added values:

  • .travel presents a clear message of your business
  • .travel websites perform significantly well in search engines
  • .travel is an easy & inexpensive investment in your travel business-for only $99!

How do I register my .travel name(s)?

Registering with .travel is a simple two step process:

1.      Fill out a simple authentication form. After submission, you will immediately receive a Unique Identification Number (UIN).

2.      Take your UIN to any one of our 30 registrars and register as many .travel names as you like!

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