.travel Testimonials

“We wanted a Web site domain name that would set us apart as a great resource
for conventions and visitors. We thought using .travel would have an ‘official
travel organization’ feel to it that you don’t get from a .com or .org.”
Danielle Cohn, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for

“We are already seeing the benefits of owning .travel websites, our pages are ranking higher in search engines and they continue to rise.”
Ing. Miguel Ortíz Millán, Owner of

.travel is only available to real tourism and travel companies; so it’s exclusive to
our industry. This leads to Google and other search engines looking more
favorably on our website and results in higher rankings.”
Néill Sperath, Director of

.travel has provided the Utah Office of Tourism with a way to measure Web
visits and determine the state’s ‘Life Elevated’ advertising effectiveness.”
Tracie Cayford, Deputy Director of Communications for

“.travel clearly links our country as a tourism destination.”
Ruben Rochi, Minister of Tourism for

.travel, not to be confused with other domains such as .com .org .net – which
anyone can purchase, represents who we are and gives a sense of pride and
ownership to our travel business that many others have not earned. This level of
industry recognition separates us from the next domain name and service.”
Pamela Ott, owner of

.travel helps identify travel companies like WHL in the myriad of other
companies out there.”
Len Cordiner, Founder and CEO of

.travel gave us something to hold our brands together and we have been very
pleased with our growing circulation.”
Jay Campbell, Chief Content Officer of

“We had some reservations at first about how consumers might react to a new
domain. But early testing on keyword ads and other studies showed that people
seemed to respond extremely well to a .travel address.”
Luckie & Company on behalf of

“Our experience with the .travel transition was helped by the service we received
from the organization and staff. In our nine year history .travel has been one of my
best decisions.”
Brett Dudley, Chairman of

“South America is our home…Travel is our passion– now that passion is reflected
in our .travel domain name.”
Bradley Nehring, Vice President of

.travel piques the interest of those that are paying attention because it is a unique
domain. It can be a conversation piece of sorts and that can definitely be a good
Melissa DeDonder, communications coordinator at

“We immediately responded to this new domain, as it clearly identifies what
the website is all about – travel and tourism – no doubt it is a must have for every
serious tourism player – total no brainer.”
Enya Fehler, Chairperson of

“Our selection of .travel as an integrated component of our name and brand,”
Richard G. Edwards, co-founder of

.travel is a great tool in terms of raising awareness, gaining clients trust, as well
as facilitating sales leads, networking and exposure to the relevant web public.”
Natalie Dekalo, General Manager of

“We are using .travel because it is a perfect match for us. We feel that when
tourists and hotel owners see the domain .travel, they associate it with a
trustworthy business in the travel industry,”
John Purcell, Founder and Owner of