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Choosing and Using your Domain Name

Maximize your Web presence

To maximize your Web presence with the right online name, you should try to think like a Web user. People frequently type in generic or descriptive domains expecting to find services related to that subject. A person searching the Web for a particular product/service may bypass a search engine and use direct navigation by typing a URL into a Web browser.


Keep your Name Short and Simple

Your domain name(s) can influence your ranking on search engines. Whatever name you choose, we recommend that you keep it short and simple. Shorter domain names reduce the risk of typing errors and are more easily remembered by users. They also give you more flexibility when it comes to promoting the name.

Be Recognized as a Travel and Tourism Business

Enhance your ranking in search engines

A .travel ending name enables you to stand out and be recognised as a travel and tourism business. Moreover, search engines also recognize this by assigning a value to .travel, which they do not give to more generic Top Level Domain Names (TLDs) such as .com. This enhances your ranking in search engines, whilst also enabling you to retain a short, punchy and original name with a core message.

More regular traffic with less advertising cost

You should obtain variations on your company’s name, because Web users often mistype. For example, if your business name ends in an “s,” it makes sense to also register the domain name without the “s.” This will provide more regular traffic to your site, meaning less advertising cost to promote your products and services.

Register your .travel domain name for several years

One of the criteria used by search engines such as Google to value a domain name is the length of the domain registration. We recommend that you register the main domain name for your website for more than one year to show search engines that you are serious about your site and that you have long term plans for your business. .travel holders typically register their domain names for 3 or even 5 years. Make sure that your website is hosted by a reputable hosting company to maximise your chances of getting a good ranking.

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