Once a domain name is registered the challenge facing all registrants is promoting their new website. Working with eTurboNews, the .travel Registry has designed a registration bonus program to help with that challenge.

The .travel Registry is pleased to announce a special bonus for all registrants. Starting April 3, 2014 and running until July 1, 2014 all new name registrations or renewals of existing registrations completed through registrars at their normal fees during that period may qualify for the publication of a business profile and website link at no extra charge.

See For Immediate Release for more details, or go to your .travel approved registrar to learn more.

Our .travel Community

“.travel is only available to real tourism and travel companies; so it’s exclusive to our industry. This leads to Google and other search engines looking more favorably on our website and results in higher rankings.”
– Néill Sperath, Director of

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*Please note the reserved list as some .travel names are not available for general registration, including all country names.